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DCHS Holiday Sharing Donation

Reach the neediest in the Alexandria Community this holiday season by contributing to the Department of Community and Human Services Holiday Sharing Program. Donations will help provide for more children, families and seniors citizens now and throughout the year. All contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.
Apothecary Museum Archival Supplies

The Apothecary Museum has a very extensive Archival collection, with items ranging from labels to books with orders from the day. Each piece of paper, each book needs a safe home in an archival box. Please consider a donation to help the Museum buy the needed supplies for this important collection.

Apothecary Museum Donation

The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum tells the story of this unique family business that was in operation for over 140 years. Selling everything from medicines to garden supplies, at the peak of operation sold its goods across the mid-Atlantic and worked in 11 buildings in Old Town Alexandria. The Museum has an extensive collection, ranging from bottles to herbal materials. Your donation will directly support the preservation and interpretation of the museum.

Alexandria Black History Museum Collections Fund

Help the Alexandria Black History Museum acquire items that will aid the interpretation of the African American experience.
All donations will receive an acknowledgement letter in the mail.
Alexandria Black History Museum Donation

The Alexandria Black History Museum strives to enrich the lives of Alexandria's residents and visitors, foster tolerance and understanding among all cultures and stimulate appreciation of the diversity of the African American experience. Your donation will directly support the preservation and interpretation of the museum.

Alexandria Archaeology Museum Donation

The Alexandria Archaeology Museum shares the stories of how City archaeologists, volunteers and students work with residents and developers to study and handle archaeological resources important to our community's past. Your donation will directly support the interpretation & exhibits of the museum.

Alexandria Archaeology Save Our Ship Donation

The historic ship discovered on Alexandria’s waterfront needs your help! Early Alexandrians sunk this vessel on the Potomac mudflats over 200 years ago. Archaeologists unearthed the ship, temporarily saving it from destruction. We need your help to ensure the preservation of the fragile wood timbers for future generations to study and appreciate.
Gadsby's Collections Acquisition Fund

Help fund the acquisition of collections related to Gadsby's Tavern Museum. Items include decorative arts & furnishings appropriate for the ca.1785 tavern and 1792 hotel, as well as items related to John Gadsby's time in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

Gadsby's Tavern Museum 2016 Bill of Fare

Through your support, we can continue being the center of hospitality to all those who enter our doors!

o $50: Gadsby’s goes Global: Support postcards and postage for a new interactive station.
o $100: Taste of History: Supply guests with a piece of American Heritage Chocolate.
o $250: Be a Collections Hero: Help us grow our collections fund.
o $500: Reproduction Fund: Help us purchase various reproduction items so guests can sit, read, play, and talk.
o $1,000: Support the Museum Staff: Help fund the Curator of Collections and Curator of Education position.
Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site Donation

Fort Ward is the best preserved of the system of Union forts and batteries built to protect Washington, DC during the American Civil War. Fort Ward Museum interprets the site's history and offers exhibits on Civil War topics, education programs, tours, lectures and much more. Your donation will directly support the interpretation of the museum as well as the preservation of the fort and its collections.
Fort Ward: Fix the Ceremonial Gate!

The Ceremonial Gate, an authentic reproduction of the fort's original gate installed in 1865, is a landmark of Fort Ward Museum and Park, and marks the entry to the historic fort for visitors touring the site. Funds are needed to restore the gate and preserve it for everyone to enjoy throughout the year! Please consider a donation today.
Friendship Firehouse Museum Donation

The Friendship Fire Company was established in 1774, as the first volunteer fire company in Alexandria. The current firehouse was built in 1855, was substantially remodeled in 1871, and was restored by the City of Alexandria in 1992. Your donation will directly support the preservation and interpretation of the museum.

Friendship Firehouse Vehicle Restoration

Help restore two Friendship Firehouse Museum vehicles - the 1851 Rodgers suction engine and the 1858 Prettyman hose reel. Both were built for the Friendship Fire Company, and the hose reel was built right here in town! It helped save many lives over the years. Help us to conserve both vehicles, returning them to their 19th-c. appearance!

Help preserve Alexandria's History!

Since 1839, the Lyceum has been a cultural center, Civil War hospital, private home, office building and the nation's first Bicentennial Center. Today is serves as Alexandria's History Museum providing exhibits, school programs, lectures, and concerts to the residents of Alexandria and beyond. Your donation will directly support the preservation and interpretation of Alexandria's important history.

Lloyd House Garden Project

The Lloyd House, constructed in 1796 by tavernkeeper John Wise who built and ran Gadsby's Tavern, has a large garden that is enjoyed by the public year-round. Contribute to the Lloyd House garden fund and support the purchase of perennials, bulbs, boxwood, and indigenous species for this wonderful space!

Preserve 8 Original 1930s AAA Wayfinding Signs!

By the 1920s, cars had come into their own and spurred many new industries relating to road construction, traffic management, fuel distribution, and land development. With the collapse of the stock market in 1929, the American Automobile Association (AAA) stepped in to assist revitalization of the economy through new tourism services. On October 1, 1930, with the help of city employees, AAA erected a series of new signs directing tourists to historic sites in Alexandria. Eight of these signs from 1930 remain in place! Support the preservation of these early tourism signs by making a contribution today.

Take a Seat! ($500 and up)

Help fund the purchase of new, comfortable, and historically appropriate chairs for The Lyceum, Alexandria's History Museum. Each chair can be labeled with a donor plaque and is a great gift opportunity. The Lyceum was founded in 1838 with a goal of improving public educational and cultural opportunities for the community. This tradition continues today as community groups, residents, and visitors to Alexandria enjoy public lectures, concerts, and more. Consider sponsoring a chair to continue this history of learning at The Lyceum!