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The Apothecary and the Civil War (Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum)
From 7/3/2016 through 9/4/2016

Tour the Apothecary Museum with a focus on the history of the old pharmacy during the Civil War and the themes of PBS’s Mercy Street, such as abolitionists, medicines, and select CW documents from the museum’s archives. Doors open at 12:15 and will lock once tour begins at 12:30. For ages 10 and up.
Family Fun Day: The Wright Flight (The Lyceum)
On 7/16/2016

Celebrate the 107th Anniversary of Orville Wright’s historic flight from Fort Myer to Alexandria and test the basic principles of flight! Experiment with forces – gravity, lift, drag, and thrust – and make two kinds of paper airplanes. Like the Wright brothers, work together as a family to create a hypothesis and conduct test flights to learn which design is the best!

Family Fun Days are designed to engage the entire family, recommended for ages 4 and up. Advance registration is required. Tickets are $8 per child, adults free. Contact The Lyceum’s Education Coordinator with additional questions at 703.746.4994.
Presidential Salon with James Madison (Gadsbys Tavern Restaurant)
From 7/17/2016 through 11/20/2016

Join President Madison as he discusses and engages with guests about political and personal issues of 1816. All Sales are Final.
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