Gadsbys Patches Swordsmen
Gadsbys Patches Tea
Gadsbys Patches Tavern Sign
Apothecary Poison Patch
Lyceum Magnet
Gadsbys Float Pen
Greetings from Alexandria Magnet
Tavern Wench Wood Ornament
Alexandria Black History Ornament (2000)
Apothecary Wood Ornament
Friendship Ornament (1996)
Gadsby's Building Wood Ornament
Lyceum Building Wood Ornament
Lyceum Ornament (2001)
Water Pump Ornament (2002)
Gadsbys Building Ornament (2004)
Fort Ward Ornament (1998)
Lloyd House Ornament (2003)
Union Station Ornament (2005)
Alexandria Black History Ornament (2008)
Apothecary Ornament (2006)
City Hall Ornament (2007)
Friendship Firehouse Ornament (2009)
Gadsbys Door Ornament (1997)
Carlyle Ornament (2010)
Gadsbys Mug
Alexandria Plate - Black & White
Alexandria Plate - Color
Apothecary Float Pen
Civil War Alexandria Mug
Fort Ward Magnet - Museum Exterior
Gadsby Frame Magnet
Gadsbys Patches Overnight
Greetings from Alexandria Keychain
Greetings from Alexandria Ornament
GTMS Anniversary Ornament (2012)
Historic Alexandria Float Pen
Historic Alexandria Light Up Boat Pen
Historic Alexandria Mug Standard White
Lyceum Patch
Marshall House Ornament (2011)
Poison Magnet
Poison Pencil
Greetings from Alexandria Postcard
Harrah Sketch Notecards - Gadsby's
Greetings from Alexandria Matted Print
Gadsby's Christmas Cards
Greetings from Alexandria Boxed Cards
Greetings from Alexandria Journal
David Hughes Notecards
Defenses of Washington, 1892
GTMS - Individual
GTMS - Family
GTMS - Friend/Merchant
GTMS - Patron
GTMS - Benefactor
GTMS - Lifetime
MortarPestle - Friend
MortarPestle - Patron
MortarPestle - Benefactor/Corporate
MortarPestle - Lifetime
FOAA - Individual
FOAA - Family
FOAA - Sponsor
FOAA - Benefactor
FOAA - Corporate
Friends of Fort Ward - Individual
Friends of Fort Ward - Organization
Friends of Fort Ward - Contributing
Friends of Fort Ward - Sustaining
Friends of Fort Ward - Patron
Friends of Fort Ward - Lifetime
Friends of Fort Ward - Corporate
Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Association
Carlyle House Cat's Meow
Poison Cocktail Napkins
Gadsby's Punch Bowl Pin
Mob Cap
City Seal Lapel Pin
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Medium Cream
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Large Cream
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Extra Large Cream
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Extra Extra Large Cream
Compendium of Early African Americans in Alexandria Vol II
The 17th VA Infantry
Compendium of Early African Americans in Alexandria Vol III
Digging for the Past: Alexandria, Virginia
Alexandria Police Dept.
Walking with Washington
The Alexandria Canal: Its History and Preservation
Alexandria Goes to War
The Autobiography of Benjamin Hallowell
Braddock Road Chronicles
The Brooke, Fauquier, Loudon and Alexandria Artillery
Chesapeake Steamboats
Civil War Deterrent
Commander James Harmon Ward
Commoners, Tribute and Chiefs
Compendium of Early African Americans in Alexandria Vol I
Fairfax County -- Postcard History Series
Fort Ward Coloring Book
Ghosts of Alexandria
Historic Alexandria (hardcover)
Alexandria, Virginia Pottery: 1792-1876
The Men of Fort Ward
Mr. Lincoln's Railroad Car: An Alexandria Artifact (#76)
Stepping into 18th-Century (CD)
Alexandria, VA
Alexandria: 1861-1865
Washington in Flames
Mr. Lincoln's Forts (Softback)
Mr. Lincoln's Forts (Hardback)
Guide to Historic Alexandria
OHA Coloring Book
Potomac Diary
The Potomac River: A History & Guide
The Potter's Art (#39)
Wonders of Water Tea - Child
Candlelight - Adult
Candlelight - Senior/Military
GTM Lecture
Birthnight Ball
Jane Austen Ball
Jane Austen Dance Classes
Jane Austen Dance Classes - Series
Presidential Salon
Presidential Salon - Student
Ladies Tea
Beer Dinner
Wine Dinner
Rum Event - VIP
Rum Event - Main Event
Gadsbys Patches Dancers
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Extra Large White
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Extra Extra Large White
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Large White
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Medium White
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Extra Extra Large Grey
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Extra Large Grey
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Large Grey
FOAA T-Shirt (long sleeve) Medium Grey
GTMS - Museum Volunteer
Junior Overnight - Girl
Huzzah Cocktail Napkins
I Drink All Cocktail Napkins
Poe in Alexandria Ticket
Madeira Tasting
Harrah Sketch Notecards - Apothecary
Gadsbys Mug Standard Tan
BNB Base Ticket
BNB Main Dining Room
BNB Washington Table
Wonders of Science
US Highway 1 in Virginia
Harrah Sketch Notecards - Alexandria Assortment
Candlelight - Child
Historic Alexandria Mug Standard Blue
Roundhouse Ornament (2012)
Preparing for the Ball
Harrah Sketch Notecards - Lyceum
Columbia's Daughters
Family Dig Day
Hidden History of Alexandria, D.C.
Attics & Alleys Tour - OLD
Attics & Alleys Tour - Volunteer
Firefighting History Tour - Adult
Firefighting History Tour - Youth
Firefighting in CW Alexandria - Adult
Firefighting in CW Alexandria - Youth
Mad Science
Fort Ward Magnet - Historic Photo
Fort Ward Collections Acquisition Fund $25.00
Fort Ward Collections Acquisition Fund $250.00
Fort Ward Collections Acquisition Fund $500.00
Fort Ward Collections Acquisition Fund $50.00
Fort Ward Collections Acquisition Fund $100.00
Apothecary Lotion Tour - $6
Apothecary Lotion Tour - $3
FFH StoryTime
Friendship Storytime
Civil War Ball
Civil War Ball Dance Classes - Series
Civil War Ball Dance Classes
Homeschool Program - Child
Cadette MEdia Program - Girl
Cadette Overnight - Girl
African Americans of Alexandria
Hair Ball
Hair Ball Dance Classes
GTM Lecture: Volunteer/GTMS
Braddock Day Ball
Braddock Day Ball Dance Classes - Series
Braddock Day Ball Dance Classes
Harry Potter Ticket - Family
Samuel Tucker Children's Book Softcover
Birthnight Ball Dance Classes
Birthnight Ball Dance Classes - Series
Lyceum Ornament (2013)
FFH Women's History Tour - Child
Her Story - Adult
Her Story - Scout
Attics & Alleys Tour
War of 1812 Lectures
Freedmen's Cemetery Ornament
War of 1812 Film Gala
War of 1812 Film Gala - Sponsor
War of 1812 Boat Cruise
War of 1812 Boat Cruise - Sponsor
Food History Symposium
1812 Ornament
Herbal Workshop
Herbal Workshop: M&P Society
War of 1812 Lecture: Lambert
First-Person Workshop (Series)
First-Person Workshop
Costume Symposium 2014 (Morning)
Costume Symposium 2014 (Afternoon)
Costume Symposium 2014 (Lunch)
Civil War Wine Dinner
Hunt Ball & Banquet ($120)
Hunt Ball
Jefferson Salon
Hunt Ball Dance Classes - Series
Hunt Ball Dance Classes - Nov 6
Hunt Ball Dance Classes - Nov 13
Hunt Ball Dance Classes - Nov 20
Female Stranger Happy Hour
Project Discovery: Donor
Project Discovery: Supporter
Project Discovery: Champion
Project Discovery: Legacy Donor
Treaty of Ghent Ball
Lyceum Lecture
FOAA - Lifetime
FFH Tour - Adult
FFH Tour - Child
Treaty of Ghent Dance Classes - Series
Treaty of Ghent Dance Classes
Treaty of Ghent Banquet & Ball ($125)
Treaty of Ghent Banquet & Ball ($100)
Treaty of Ghent Banquet & Ball ($145)
Lyceum Lecture - Series
FosteringFuture: City Employee
FosteringFuture: Foster Parent
FosteringFuture: Younger Generation (under 30)
FosteringFuture: Regular Ticket
Sister Cities Scottish Social
Project Discovery: Golden Legacy Donor
Sponsorship Donation
Enrichment Opportunity
Hermione Tour Ticket
Lafayette Ball
Lafayette Dance Classes - Series
Lafayette Dance Classes
Gadsby's Tavern
Harry Potter Ticket - Adult Tour
Lafayette Lecture
GTM Happy Hour
Cider Tasting - Base
NCPA Reception
GTM Field Trip
Fort Ward Ornament (2015)
Lecture: $10
Extras for Adolescents
Save our Ship LectureTicket
Workshop Ticket
Lecture Ticket
Alexandria Archaeology Save Our Ships Donation
Apothecary Civil War Tour
Family Fun Days
Chocolate Lecture
Cider Tasting - Sponsor
FFH Event - $50
FFH Event - $100
FFH Event - $250
FFH Event - $500
FFH Event - $1,000
Lyceum Lecture ($10)
Veterans Ball
Female Stranger Quest
Veterans Ball Dance Classes
Veterans Ball Dance Classes - Series
Sister Cities Annual Meeting
AMCP Nexus
Before the Spirits Exhibit Catalog
Cider Lecture
Friendship Craft - Child
Friendship Craft - Adult
Heflebower Cocktails
Gadsby's Tavern Museum Donation
Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum Donation
Alexandria Archaeology Museum Donation
Alexandria Black History Museum Collections Fund
Alexandria Black History Museum Donation
Fort Ward Museum & Historic Site Donation
Fort Ward Ceremonial Gate
Friendship Firehouse Museum Donation
Friendship Firehouse Vehicle Restoration
Alexandria History Museum Donation
Lloyd House Garden Project
Concert OLD
Concert Ticket
The Civil War in SEVEN Songs
Apothecary Geek Tour
Sister Cities Lecture
PresMonth Talk
PresMonth Walk
PresMonth Drink
SNAP/EBT Double Dollar Program Donation
Save our Ship Bon Voyage
Art History Tour
ArtistTour Ticket
History by the Glass
Dance Master Workshop
Dance Master Workshop - GTMS/Vol
Gadsby Specialty Tour
Dress Workshop
Dress Workshop - GTMS/Vol
Outlandish Event
Fairfax Lectures Combination Ticket
Alexandria Black History Lecture ($15)
Cadette Overnight - Chaperone
Junior Overnight - Chaperone
Cadette MEdia Program - Chaperone
Archaeology Ticket - $12
Archaeology Ticket - FOAA/OHA
Bus Tour Ticket
Celebrity Customer Cocktail Party
Celebrity Customer Cocktail Party SPONSOR
Celebrity Customer Cocktail Party!
Fairfax of Virginia
Beaujolais Nouveau Ticket
Lyceum Exhibit Opening
Wonders of Water Tea - Adult
Murray-Dick-Fawcett Ornament (2017)
Lyceum Lecture Series ($25)
Sister Cities Children's Ticket
Sister Cities Family Ticket
Sister Cities Children's Program
Sister Cities Family Program
Women's History Tour - Adult
Women's History Tour - Child
Film Screening
Black History Event Ticket
Freedom House Museum Tour
Archaeology Workshop
Writer's Workshop
Free Student Ticket
Hamilton Summer Tour
Hamilton Summer Tour - GTMS/Vol
Reception and Lecture
Free Event Registration
$10 Donation
Black History Craft - Adult
Black History Craft - Child
Lloyd House Lecture
OHA Member Lecture Ticket
Masquerade Ball
Masquerade Ball Dance Classes
Masquerade Ball Dance Classes - Series
Victorian Apothecary Workshop
Academy Networking Event Ticket
Lecture - FOAA/ASPBH members
Apothecary Extended Tour
Archaeology Tour
Lee-Fendall House Ornament (2018)
Gadsby Specialty Tour - GTMS
Black History StoryTime
Black History Ticket
Domestic & Sexual Violence Program Donation
Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition Donation
Project Discovery Donation
Celestial Ball
Celestial Ball Dance Classes
Celestial Ball Dance Classes - Series
ABHM Storytelling Program
Becoming American Ticket
Lyceum Lecture ($15)
History by the Glass - $25
Archaeology Ticket - $15
Lecture; $5
RevWarSymposium - OHA Member/Student
Freedmen Cemetery 5th Anniversary
Freedmen Cemetery Bus Tour Ticket
Freedmen Cemetery Luncheon Ticket
Fall Harvest Ball
Fall Harvest Ball Dance Classes
Fall Harvest Ball Dance Classes - Series
Death at the City Hotel Specialty Tour
Archaeology Ship Excavation Ornament (2019)
Designated Driver Ticket
Ladies Specialty Tour
Blossom Ball
Blossom Ball Dance Classes
Blossom Ball Dance Classes - Series
Gadsbys Portrait Restoration
The Fund for Alexandria’s Child
Freedom House Donation
Office of Historic Alexandria Donation
Alexandria 1863 Bird's Eye View Jigsaw Puzzle